Refund Policy.


  • We will offer you a Full 100% Refund if you cancel, via email, prior to your tour date.
    • Please cancel by following the instructions on your confirmation email.
  • We will offer you a Full 100% Refund if we cancel the tour.
    • Alternatively, we will put you on a tour from another company that is of equal or greater price.  If the price of the alternative company is less than what you paid, we will refund you for the difference.


We do our best to offer the most amazing Niagara Falls Tour experience.  We have plans in place to minimize any disruptions, but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and we must issue refunds.

  • General Policy:
    • We will refund you for the fair portion of the tour that was unsatisfactory.  What does this mean?  Simply put, if the entire tour was not as advertised and disappointing, we will give you a 100% refund.  If for example, a portion of the tour was not performed, let’s say the stop in Niagara on the Lake was somehow skipped,  a refund for that fair portion of the tour would be given.  This would equal be 1/8th of the tour price.
    • The refund will never exceed the price paid for the tour.
  • Attraction Closure: We will refund you 100% for an attraction that is closed.   Please note the refund will be for the cost of the attraction only.  We have no control over attractions such as Hornblower or Journey Behind the Falls.
  • Holiday Closures:  During holidays, many businesses such as restaurants, stores, and wineries are closed.  Such closures are expected and are beyond our control.  We will not offer any refund for closures.  Please research Canadian Holidays to see if your travel date will be impacted.
  • Delays:  There is a chance of traffic, construction, road closures, bad weather, and other circumstances that can impact the itinerary of the tour.  This could result, for example, in a late return to Toronto.  This is unpreventable for us.  A refund will not be given.
    • Please note that we are not responsible for missed shows, dinner reservations, or flights. Please plan your evening events taking into consideration possible delays.


  • Refunds will be processed within a reasonable amount of time.  This is typically 3-5 business days.
  • Refunds will be processed to the original electronic payment method.  This means that if you paid online with Visa, the refund will be made to that original visa card.
  • If you paid by cash, your refund will be paid as follows:
    • Canadian Customers: cheque, interact email transfer, or PayPal email transfer
    • International Customers: Canadian Cheque or PayPal email transfer


Our reputation is very important to us. We will do our best to resolve any issues fairly and we would prefer not to have our tour reviewed negatively on Social Media sites such as Twitter, Yelp, Facebook.  The tourism industry is dependent on these reviews and some individuals have used this to their advantage. They have threatened to write negative reviews to receive larger refunds or free services.   This is considered blackmail.

Our policy to Social Media Threats is:

  • We will not issue any refund or compensation to an individual who uses or threatens to use social media as blackmail.